If your home’s rain gutters aren’t installed properly, they could cause damage instead of protecting your home from the elements. The damages caused by improperly installed gutters can lead to costly repairs.

Common Problems Resulting from Improperly Installed Gutters

Blue Sky Energy Solutions is here to help you understand how important it is to have gutters installed correctly on your Irving home. The following are a few of the typical mistakes that can be made.

The Wrong Size of Gutter

Your rain gutters won’t function properly if they are sized incorrectly for your roof. We will carefully inspect your home before installing your gutters to ensure that we are using the right size. For example, if your home has a steep roof, you’ll need larger gutters in combination with extra downspouts to allow the rainwater to drain into the stormwater system correctly.

The number of angles and square footage of your roof also play into the size of the gutter you need. Multiple gables or other interesting roofline features will also change the sizing equation.

The Wrong Type of Gutter

The best gutter materials for your home and its location can vary. The sturdiest gutters are made of zinc, copper, or steel. Steel gutters can rust if the coating gets scratched, however. Gutter corrosion is common in areas near saltwater due to the corrosive nature of sea air. Aluminum is popular for its lightweight construction, can be painted, is rust-resistant, and is affordable, but it can be a flimsier option. Vinyl gutters are also affordable, but they can crack or become brittle in extreme climates. We can assess your home and help you pick the right type of gutter for your needs.

Lack of Roof Flashing

Flashing is a strip of L-shaped metal that you’ll find over the seams and joints of the roof. You will also find it in the transition zones between windows and siding. Flashing is used to direct rainwater away from these areas so that they don’t leak. When flashing is missing, moisture could seep in and damage your home’s wood and insulation. This can lead to dry rot, mildew, or pest infestations.

If your current roof doesn’t have flashing, we can remove your gutters and check that the wood underneath is free of damage. We’ll then put flashing in place before reinstalling the gutters. If your current roof has damaged flashing, we can repair those specific areas without removing the entire gutter system.

Separated Gutter Joints

Gutter joints will eventually pull apart if they aren’t installed correctly. Too much stress on the gutters from being overloaded can also cause this. If you notice your gutter joints are separating, we can put them back in place, while being careful not to damage your existing system. If we determine that the separation is being caused by stress, we can recommend a larger gutter that will better accommodate the level of rainfall in the area.

Holes in Your Gutters

If your gutter was installed without gaskets around the nails, holes can develop. While these areas can be patched, we make sure to install them correctly in the first place to avoid this issue.

Downspouts That Are Misaligned

Downspouts are vertical pipes that allow the rainwater to travel from the gutters to the ground below. You’ll find them along the sides of your home and connected to the end of the gutters.

Just like your gutters, the downspouts need to be put in the correct position. If they are misaligned when installed, they won’t be able to control the flow of rainwater away from your house. If you’re experiencing this problem, we can realign the downspouts for you and make sure you have the right number of downspouts for the amount of rainfall you receive.

You also need enough downspouts to handle the water on your roof. Even a perfect gutter system can overflow if it gets backed up at the downspout. Long stretches of roofline, multiple angles and roofs of different heights can all require additional downspouts.

Missing Splash Guards

Splash guards are found at the bottom of the downspouts. Without them, rainwater can erode the ground around the bottom of them and eventually damage the foundation. We find it critical to properly install the splash guards when installing a gutter system. Foundation issues are a huge and expensive problem. It’s well worth the time and money to have us properly install splash guards if yours are missing.

Incorrect Pitch

Gutters need to have a slope that directs water toward the downspouts. Otherwise, rainwater will sit in the gutter, where it can cause erosion issues over time. During heavier rains, this water can overflow if the pitch isn’t steep enough.

Detached Gutters

Detached gutters are not only faulty, they’re dangerous. Gutters that aren’t attached properly and are hanging from the roof can potentially fall on someone. They also create a gap between the gutter and the roof. Instead of the rainwater falling into the gutter, it falls into that gap. This can cause water to pool around your foundation or seep into the windows, where it can cause extensive damage. Detached gutters are especially dangerous in the winter when the weight of ice can pull them off of the building.

Clogged Gutters

It’s not uncommon for gutters to clog, especially during fall when leaves can build up inside of them, but your gutters can also clog if they’re installed incorrectly. In addition to properly installing gutters to avoid clogs, we can recommend guards for your gutters that help keep debris out.

Gutter Inspections

When you have rain gutters on your home, it’s important to have us inspect them regularly for damage. This is especially true if you don’t know whether or not they were professionally installed. If we find any of these issues during our inspection, we can fix them for you. In severe cases with many problems, we’ll help you decide if it is time to have us install a new gutter system instead.

Keep in mind that, when gutters are installed incorrectly or aren’t maintained properly, you’ll be facing more than just water backup. You could be looking at costly repairs to the structure of your home.

Your Gutter Installation Team

Blue Sky Energy Solutions in Irving is your gutter installation specialist. If you want to avoid any of the above-mentioned issues, we can help. Our team of experts can solve your gutter problems and ensure that your home is protected. We are a premier roofing company offering roofing and solar solutions for your home. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with roof repairs, maintenance, and replacement, your gutter needs, and find the right solar system for your home. We also provide you with expert window installation as well as insulation for residential and commercial properties. All of our products are backed by a 25-year warranty.

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