We provide premium residential and commercial roof repair, replacement, and restoration, as well as residential and commercial solar.

Solar Energy Efficiency Experts

Founded by like-minded individuals with a passion for solar and other home service solutions that was defined by a commitment to quality. Our success not only hinges on our clients and customers but also our employees. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we strive to find and retain highly knowledgeable and talented individuals.

The Blue Sky Energy Solutions project management team is some of the best in the business and that is proven through our client testimonials. Simply stated Blue Sky Energy Solutions excels in ways not easily replicated and delivers a quality build on time every time!

Our team specializes in providing mechanical and modular installation services to the solar construction industry.

Project deadlines are always considered to be of the utmost importance. We understand that your time is your money, and we look to efficiently and complete all projects to a full resolution in the timeliest manner possible.

What Should You Consider Before Starting the Solar Panel Installation Process?

More Americans than ever before are discovering the benefits of residential solar panel installation. Fewer than 2% of homes across the United States have solar panels today, but solar capacity is projected to grow significantly thanks to an abundance of sunshine, falling panel prices, and favorable policies.

Here are several factors that you should know to determine whether your home is a good fit for solar panel installation:
  • Shade is one of the most common reasons people cannot install residential solar panels. Trees or other impediments to full sunlight throughout the entire day can negatively impact solar panel efficiency.
  • For rooftop systems, your roof must be in good condition. It is ideal (not required) for your home’s roof to have south or west exposure. Solar can be mounted on all roof materials.
  • Depending on the residential property, ground-mounted solar panel systems, and solar carports may be good alternatives if rooftop solar panel installation is not feasible.
  • The economics of solar generally make sense only if you are planning to stay in your home for at least 2 years. If you are planning to move soon, consider waiting to install solar on your new home!
  • If you are building a home, it’s less expensive to incorporate solar into your plans from the beginning. We will work with your developer to ensure the process is efficient and seamless for you.

Many life changes can contribute to an increase in household electricity usage that may prompt you to consider solar panel installation in your home. These include moving into a larger home, adding to your family with children or older parents moving in, purchasing an electric vehicle, or installing a pool. If your electricity bills have recently gone up, now is the perfect time to see how residential solar panels can lower your bills.

Our Most Popular Services

A Guide in the Roofing Industry

Each project we undertake is unique and we strive to provide exceptional service to each of our clients. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and attention to detail, delivering excellence at every corner.

There is no project too big or too small for our trained and experienced staff. Our partnerships with the leading manufacturers in the industry give our customers a wide range of styles, finishes, and affordability. As well as pertinent product information that allows homeowners to make a well-informed decision.

We take pride in being a guide and source of relief for homeowners going through a stressful time. You can count on us to be there for you, from your roof inspection to the completion of your solar installation, roof repair, or roof replacement.

Commercial & Residential Roofing Services

Whether you are building new homes, re-roofing or repairing an existing roof, painting, installing new siding, or any other major project. Choosing a contractor is a critical decision. Why takes risks?

As specialists representing every aspect of Commercial & Residential Roofing knowledge, our goal is to give you the very best products, systems, and technical support in the industry. Both residents and business owners have trusted their projects to Blue Sky Energy Solutions for many years.

Homeowners & Business Owners need consistent service, excellent scheduling, and quality installations. This needs to be the rule and not the exception. We have made a huge investment in our equipment and logistic resources to help execute your project. Blue Sky Energy Solutions has total control of your order from start to finish thus minimizing lead times and increasing the efficiency of your job site.

It takes a balance of training and work ethic to complete a roofing project. Our Dallas roofing contractors have exactly the experience that it takes to repair your roof flawlessly. Choosing from only the best roofing materials, our team is trained on the ins and outs of shingle installation for the best brands. With deep experience in asphalt roofing, duration shingles, and roofing repair, our team can replace your roof with unparalleled speed and quality.

Our team of roofing contractors at Blue Sky Energy Solutions can offer you:
  • Unmatched durability: Our roofing repair and roofing replacement uses wind-resistant shingles installed for a maximum watertight seal
  • Years of protection: By hiring only the best local roofing contractors, you get the most mileage out of our quality asphalt shingles and duration shingles
  • Save on Energy: More insulation means more comfort, and less monthly heating and cooling bills!
  • Safety from the Elements: Highly resistant to wind, hail, and combustion, our roofing solution is second to none at keeping your family safe
  • Your Beautiful Home: not only will our expertly installed roofs keep you safe and comfortable – they look great, too! Add to your curb appeal and designed beauty of your home