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There has never been a better time than now to make your home energy-efficient. Utilize our solar installation services in combination with new doors, windows and gutters to maximize your homes energy-efficiency.

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What is the best material to use for your windows and ensure your home is also energy-efficient? The answer may vary based on your home’s exterior finishes, style and color scheme.

Choosing the right window material comes down to personal preference, however, we do have some suggestions for helping you make that decision.

Best Replacement Windows for Vinyl Siding

Vinyl windows are a natural choice for homes with vinyl siding, creating a cohesive exterior.

Vinyl windows tend to be competitively priced and hold up well in varied climates with few maintenance requirements. Replacement windows on homes with vinyl siding are perhaps the least complex to install.

Due to vinyl siding’s flexibility, experienced installers are able to remove areas necessary for the window replacement and reposition the existing vinyl siding pieces without disturbing the façade.

Best Replacement Windows for a Brick House

Wood windows are a classic window material, which makes it a great fit for traditional style brick homes. Wood windows also allow you to customize the color to fit your exterior color scheme.

This is key, as many homeowners find that white is too stark against a traditional red brick.

Window installation in brick homes can sometimes be more complicated, making precise measurements is imperative.

Whatever material you choose for your brick home, ensure that the installers complete accurate and precise measurements for custom, made-to-order windows that fit your exact needs.


In terms of the overall design of your home and an energy-efficient home, doors are often an afterthought. They are merely a means for passing through or for providing a bit of privacy. You start to live with what they look like while you paint and decorate the walls around them.

It doesn’t have to be the case — especially not with your front door. You can design your door in countless ways to make it a centerpiece of your curb appeal instead of an overlooked element of your home’s aesthetic.

Fiberglass Entry Door

Fiberglass offers durability at an affordable price. Fiberglass entry doors are virtually maintenance-free and come in several styles to complement your home.

Get the look of wood with Oak or Mahogany-grain finishes, or choose a more modern look with a smooth fiberglass entry door.

A high-quality fiberglass entry door brings craftsmanship, flexibility and convenience to your doorstep. Exceptionally durable, fiberglass front doors resist warping, dents, rot and withstand extreme weather beautifully.

Maintenance and upkeep are minimal, while performance is reliable year-round. Choose from a realistic wood-grain option or smoothly textured fiberglass entry doors. Add grilles, hardware, glass and more to personalize your look and complement your home’s aesthetic.

Storm Door

A second exterior door used with an entry door for additional protection against weather while providing energy efficiency, light and ventilation.

Storm doors let light and fresh air in and help to keep the elements and insects out.

Storm doors typically have interchangeable or retractable glass and screen panels. And like front doors, they're available in many sizes and materials.

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One of the most important systems in your home is your gutter system. Quality gutters allow for the free flow of rainwater off the roof of your home or business in Dallas or Fort Worth, protecting your siding, eaves, and your roofing system.

Unprofessional or misaligned gutters can cause a wide range of issues for homeowners. From roof damage to water damage, the company that you choose for your gutter work is important.

Blue Sky is one of the top gutter companies in the Fort Worth and Dallas, TX areas. We are a residential and commercial gutter installation contractor, also providing gutter repair and maintenance services. We work closely with our clients to provide gutters systems that offer performance, low maintenance and add to the look of your home or business.

As your local gutter installers, we can provide the best gutters styles, colors, and options for your building. We are also one of the top gutter cleaning contractors and gutter replacement companies, working on existing gutter systems on all types of properties.

By choosing our gutter contractors in Dallas TX, you can expect: