Inspired by the slate roofs of the Swiss Alpine region, SunStyle® created a beautiful, durable, fully integrated solar roof system that provides sustainable energy for your home or commercial building. Our proven system complements a wide variety of architectural styles and instead of compromising aesthetics, we improve them

    SunStyle tiles are constructed of tempered glass with interior laminated photovoltaic cells. Our patented overlapping system ensures the roof is watertight. We offer smooth or textured glass and optional color-coating.

    SunStyle Benefits
    • Uniform Aesthetic
    • Smooth & Textured
    • Color-coating Option
    • Frameless
    • Certified BAPV & BIPV
    • Classic Solar Panels
    • Partial Roof Coverage
    • Smooth
    • Optional Color-coating
    • Metal-framed
    • BAPV-only

    SunStyle is certified to the highest UL Building & Construction standards for Fire, Wind Resistance, and Hail.