If you’re interested in offering sustainable solar electricity, check out our utility-scale services in Garland, TX. Green energy is growing. While individuals and businesses investing in solar for their use are helpful, large-scale solar farms are paramount for the future. Our solar utility-scale services can handle all aspects of a project, from the initial concept stage to assistance with ongoing operations and maintenance. We’re the premier Solar Panel Installer around Garland, TX.

Utility Scale Services in Garland

Investing in solar utility-scale services enables you to be part of the solution in the ever-growing demand for electricity. It also allows you to create green jobs in your community. Whether you’re a utility company looking to expand or diversify or a corporate off-taker, we can help you meet your goals for productivity.

Our utility scale services include:
  • Consulting
  • Racking and module installation
  • Infrastructure installation
  • Training, surveillance, and maintenance
  • Remediation
  • Pull testing

At Blue Sky Energy Solutions, we offer comprehensive project management. Your development project begins with an initial site analysis. Then comes the basic design and engineering. We’ll ensure all permitting and inspections comply with any necessary regulations.

Next is the installation process. This may include pile installation and pull testing to ensure the structure is stable and can hold the solar panels in all conditions.

You also need a company that will be with you even after installation is complete. We can help with your operations and management. This might include initial and ongoing training, initiating best work practices, cleaning and upkeep, and monitoring and other surveillance.