Blue Sky Energy Solutions is the trusted name for commercial solar roofing services in Garland, TX. Our commercial solar roofing company is committed to providing rooftop solar maintenance, repair, and installation. Finding a qualified Commercial Roofer is the first hurdle, we believe our reputation earns us an opportunity to serve Garland, TX. business and commercial building owners.

Our contractors ensure a smooth installation process and maximize energy production while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your commercial property.

Garland Commercial Solar Roofing Services

Utility bills are an expense for many businesses, and as the company grows, more energy gets consumed, and the bills continue to rise.

Using solar energy becomes the solution for these high-energy costs, where you can eliminate or reduce the monthly bills. Business owners can put these savings into the business after installing solar energy; therefore, it is a worthwhile investment.

Benefits of Garland commercial solar installation include:
  • Renewable incentives and energy credits
  • Energy reliability and independence
  • Environmental-friendly energy
  • Easy to modify and expand for future energy needs

At Blue Sky Energy Solutions, we offer complete solar solutions from start to finish project management. Working with a commercial solar roofing company like ours can help you select the correct system that will maximize your return on investment in energy savings.

Our services include free site analysis, design and engineering services, rebate applications, installation, financing, monitoring, inspections, and ongoing maintenance and service.

We inspect the roof before and after solar installations to confirm your commercial roof is ready, and the warranty is kept. It is vital to repair the roof before installing a solar power system to enhance the lifespan and integrity of your roofing system.

Blue Sky Energy Solutions professionals will prepare your roof by removing, partially repairing, or replacing the old one.